The Bradford Powerlifting team competed at Springfield Shawnee,

The Bradford Powerlifting team competed at Springfield Shawnee, this was a bench press and deadlift meet.  There were two divisions a 9/10 grade division and a Junior/Senior division, medals were given to only the top 3 in each division. Our 7th and 8th graders lifted against Freshmen and Sophomores. The Boys team place 4th and the Girls team placed 5th.
Individual Results:

1st.    Erica Gaynor        135 class 9/10
1st.    Courtney Monnin. 155 class 9/10
1st.    Jennifer Wolf.         Unl. Class 9/10
2nd    Hannah Stine.        125 class. 9/10
2nd.   Aliviyah Boggs.       135 class 9/10
2nd.   Kirstin Kitts.            155 class  9/10
3rd.   Hailee Baker            200 class. 9/10

1st      Corey Cotrell.        225 class. 9/10
2nd    Nate Fries.             145 class.  11/12
2nd   Larkin Painter.         175 class.   11/12
2nd.  Ethan Reed.             210 class.   9/10
3rd.  Kyle Kissinger.          135 class.   9/10
3rd.  Keaton Mead.           145 class.   9/10
3rd.  Dylan Mitchell.          155 class.    9/10
3rd.  Jordan Shellenbarger. 165 class. 11/12
3rd.  Dane Shelton.              185 class.   9/10
3rd.  Jacob McQuinn.           Unl. Class  11/12

Bradford will host its own meet on Feb. 24. The Bradford Lions Club is having a Pancake breakfast from 7 till noon on the 24th. This is the 19th year that Bradford has hosted its meet. The meet starts at 10 am and will feature all three lifts, the bench press, squat, and Deadlift.